6 Things You Should Do When Getting a Lap Dance in Brisbane

Do you want to get the best lap dance Brisbane has to offer? Well, maybe you have to first know what you should do in order to get a good one. The last one could have been horrible. What happened?

If you ever had a problem with strip dancers before, it could be that you are doing something wrong. When you are able to follow prescribed club behaviour, then you will surely get an awesome experience.

Most ladies do appreciate a well-mannered fellow. So, take note of the following things that you should do if you want a private dancer’s undivided attention.  


Do you like what you are seeing? Stop pretending that you do not find her attractive and get her a drink. A dancer certainly appreciates a man who knows how to grab her attention. Think about it, you are in a room full of men, and it takes more than a wink to get the lady.


Then after you get her attention, make sure that you communicate what you really want. It should be brief but honest. However, you must remember that you cannot ask her out nor take her mobile phone number. Just tell her if she wants to sit and drink with you for a while before the private dance. That is all.


The lap dance Brisbane has been offering may vary in price. Some would offer about $10AUD per song, while others may offer more than the aforementioned. Nonetheless, you must remember that there are tons of men waiting in line. So, ask when she will be available soonest and whether they accept credit card payments for high service charges. Meanwhile, you must never forget to give her a tip after, or she will be furious.


Treat women equally regardless of profession. Never address a stripper through the use of words that are derogatory. Otherwise, she could turn cold and leave halfway through the song. Simply tell her that you appreciate her doing the dance and that you are happy. Also, never show her any compromising photos that you have in your phone. She is not interested.


Always follow the club rules especially when dealing with the dancers. Avoid touching them unless you are told to and do not shoot photos of them. As much as possible, ask the staff of the things that you are not allowed to do inside the strip club.


This might sound weird but there are prescribed clothing for club patrons. If you are thinking about getting a private dance tonight, make sure that you only wear soft pants, such as khakis, and avoid big belts with huge buckles. A rough pair of trousers may cause a woman skin to chafe. And it is definitely uncomfortable. So, get in the club ready. Also, dress in style for the ladies.

Whether it is your first time or not, the above-mentioned tips will surely get you the best lap dance Brisbane has to offer. So, why not tell your friends about this and practice doing all for your next strip club adventure.