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Exploring Ballarat with a private female escort to keep you company

As the Central Highlands’ commercial capital and largest city, Ballarat is a popular destination for business travellers and tourists alike. If you want to explore the city’s wonders with a beautiful woman to keep you company, hire one of the “PrivateGirls” escorts Ballarat has to offer.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, it’s always fun to visit different tourist attractions with someone familiar with the lay of the land. Moreover, hiring an escort comes with other perks.

Why hire a female escort as a local tour guide

Sightseeing with a sexy twist

Depending on the terms agreed on, the female escorts Ballarat agency offers can keep you company for the entire duration of your stay and provide you with a range of services.

She can be just a date or someone who keeps you company when you explore different areas in the city. Or, she can provide you with the full girlfriend experience from sunup to sundown.

Put the P in Pleasure

Female escorts are designed to fulfil your fantasies and offer you an opportunity to unleash your suppressed desires. They are aware that men have kinky desires that they may not openly reveal with their partners but will delightfully indulge in with one of the “PrivateGirls” escorts Ballarat men highly recommend.

So your dirty secrets are safe with them. They operate with discretion too, so that’s one thing you don’t need to worry about.

In their company, you will only be pleased.

Keep boredom at bay

It can be lonesome to travel alone, which is why men hire female escorts when they travel. You not only get a local guide to show you around but also a beautiful woman to keep you warm at night.

With someone to keep you company, you won’t have time to think about the problems you left behind at home. This is especially true with witty and charming escorts who can hold an intelligent conversation and make a good impression in social settings.

Suffice it to say that “PrivateGirls” escorts Ballarat offers make pleasurable companions.

Things you can see and do when in Ballarat

Visit Sovereign Hill, a living museum of a town known for its gold mining industry.

Check out the Ballarat Wildlife Park for an up-close encounter with some of Australia’s mammals, reptiles, and wildlife.

Explore the Kryal Castle and its formal rooms that are set in a medieval theme park.

Visit the Art Gallery of Ballarat and feed your artistic and creative soul.

Experience the beauty of Lake Wendouree, an artificial lake that showcases what people are capable of when they put their minds to it.

Be amazed by the natural wonder that the Ballarat Botanical Gardens has to offer.

Are you ready to explore the wonders of Ballarat with a female escort?

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6 Things You Should Do When Getting a Lap Dance in Brisbane

Do you want to get the best lap dance Brisbane has to offer? Well, maybe you have to first know what you should do in order to get a good one. The last one could have been horrible. What happened?

If you ever had a problem with strip dancers before, it could be that you are doing something wrong. When you are able to follow prescribed club behaviour, then you will surely get an awesome experience.

Most ladies do appreciate a well-mannered fellow. So, take note of the following things that you should do if you want a private dancer’s undivided attention.  


Do you like what you are seeing? Stop pretending that you do not find her attractive and get her a drink. A dancer certainly appreciates a man who knows how to grab her attention. Think about it, you are in a room full of men, and it takes more than a wink to get the lady.


Then after you get her attention, make sure that you communicate what you really want. It should be brief but honest. However, you must remember that you cannot ask her out nor take her mobile phone number. Just tell her if she wants to sit and drink with you for a while before the private dance. That is all.


The lap dance Brisbane has been offering may vary in price. Some would offer about $10AUD per song, while others may offer more than the aforementioned. Nonetheless, you must remember that there are tons of men waiting in line. So, ask when she will be available soonest and whether they accept credit card payments for high service charges. Meanwhile, you must never forget to give her a tip after, or she will be furious.


Treat women equally regardless of profession. Never address a stripper through the use of words that are derogatory. Otherwise, she could turn cold and leave halfway through the song. Simply tell her that you appreciate her doing the dance and that you are happy. Also, never show her any compromising photos that you have in your phone. She is not interested.


Always follow the club rules especially when dealing with the dancers. Avoid touching them unless you are told to and do not shoot photos of them. As much as possible, ask the staff of the things that you are not allowed to do inside the strip club.


This might sound weird but there are prescribed clothing for club patrons. If you are thinking about getting a private dance tonight, make sure that you only wear soft pants, such as khakis, and avoid big belts with huge buckles. A rough pair of trousers may cause a woman skin to chafe. And it is definitely uncomfortable. So, get in the club ready. Also, dress in style for the ladies.

Whether it is your first time or not, the above-mentioned tips will surely get you the best lap dance Brisbane has to offer. So, why not tell your friends about this and practice doing all for your next strip club adventure.

Suit Up: What to Wear to Strip Clubs in Brisbane

Like other establishments, strip clubs in Brisbane also implement dress codes. And these places are strict about them. So, to ensure that you will not be denied entry at their doors, make sure to comply.

Here are some tips about what to wear when going to these strip joints for a night of hot and raunchy partying:

If You Want to Be Classy

Sometimes, your trip to a strip club will not allow you to get home to change. Well, the suit that you wear at the office will do just fine. In fact, it creates a classy impression on the people working at the club.

If you want to leave your ties on, you can do so. Make sure it is tied up tight. Aside from making you look “sharp dressed”, this could pique the interest of a stripper. She might want to help you loosen it up during a lap dance!

If You Want to Be Casual

If you are not into wearing a suit, on the other hand, then going casual is still fine. However, you should look neat with what you wear. Slip into your favourite jeans and pair it up with a nice polo shirt. Do not be hasty and just wear those you have just pulled out of your laundry hamper. This will turn you into a wrinkly mess.

Aside from the traditional jeans and polo shirt combination, you can also go for slacks and pair it with a button-down shirt.

What to Avoid

While some strip clubs in Brisbane do not have strict dress codes, it is best to be safe and avoid wearing something that makes it look like you are going to the beach or the gym. Avoid the cargo or golf shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops, and you will be okay. Generally, you should stay away from:

  • tank tops
  • sweatpants
  • ripped jeans
  • sandals
  • jerseys
  • athletic shorts

When you are well-dressed, people in the club, especially the dancers, will give you more attention.

Final Notes

Generally speaking, if you look presentable enough, you will be able to get in all strip clubs in Brisbane. So shower up, wear the appropriate clothes, and look like you really have some bucks to spend.

However, if you are ever in doubt about the dress code of the club you are going to, call them beforehand to gather the information that you are looking for.

Spend the Best Times with Strippers Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Has

You visit a strip club in Fortitude Valley for certain reasons. Maybe you and your mates like to celebrate a stag party.

Even if there is no special occasion, you would do it for another raunchy night out with the gang. Or, you just want to loosen up, unwind from the daily grind, or get away from stressful things for a moment.

Of course, you could not deny the fact that you would like to see scantily clad ladies performing in front of you.

Whatever your reason is, you would want to get the most out of your time in this place. This means doing the same with the lovely women.

With that said, here are tips on ensuring you will have the best times with Brisbane strippers Fortitude Valley has:

  • Make sure you look presentable.

Before you head out, shower up. Wear nice clothes because anything that makes you look like a gangster or someone who is going to the beach or gym can deny you entry at strip clubs. Depending on your style, you can go classy by wearing a suit or go casual by wearing the traditional combination of trousers and shirt.

Sure enough, strippers would love to spend time with you if you look nice.

  • Shell out some cash.

Typically, you should buy some drinks and a lap dance when inside a strip joint. If you are seated near the stage, it would also be a manly gesture to tip the performers.

You could also offer the ladies some cocktails, as this would surely make them interested in spending more time with you. When you visit with your mates, all of you should be spending some bucks—not just one of you.

  • Do not try to ask for personal details.

When hanging out with Brisbane strippers Fortitude Valley has, remember that it would be rude to ask for their personal details, such as their real names and their actual phone numbers.

They have their own reasons to hide their true identities when working. If you do not want to piss them off, then refrain from being too personal.

  • Drink to enjoy the moment, and not to get wasted.

Make no mistake—even strippers would not want you vomiting in front of them. So keep the booze up to your limits and do not get too drunk. You do want to get home safely, don’t you?

Most importantly, you should know the rules of the strip club you are going to. Remember that each club in the Valley has its own set of policies in place. So before you go and meet Brisbane strippers Fortitude Valley has, make sure to call your chosen club to gather essential information.

Do Brisbane Strippers Have the Best Job in the World?

When you think of people who have the most rewarding work, Brisbane strippers (or from anywhere in the world for that matter) may be on top of your list. Who wouldn’t love a career where they get to drink on the job, receive an onslaught of compliments and approving looks from their customers and earn good tips?

However, what most people don’t know is dancers in strip clubs actually have to deal with a lot of challenges (human and otherwise) when they are working. What makes their job so difficult? Here are just a few problems Brisbane strippers and their counterparts across the globe encounter while on the job.

  1. Customers steal their tips

It’s bad enough that some people don’t tip the dancers who are literally sweating their ass off to give good entertainment. But then, they also have to deal with customers who shamelessly steal the strippers’ hard-earned tips. The next time you think you’re not being tipped enough at the restaurant you work in, be thankful you at least have a cashier to guard the tip jar from thieving diners.

  1. They get sniffed, licked, kissed, and groped all over

Some people who go to strip clubs think they can do whatever they want to the dancers. On the contrary, most clubs have very strict ‘no touch’ policies and rules on always respecting the strippers. Sadly, many ignore these policies and get all touchy-feely when getting a lap dance. What’s even sadder is exotic entertainers can’t go to HR and file a sexual harassment case against these jerks.

Luckily, the dancers can get rid of these fools who think they can always have their way. They just have to give the go signal when these suckers cross the line and the bouncers will happily kick them out (in a not-so-gentle way).

  1. They witness some pretty nasty things

Customers who flash unsolicited pictures from their phone because they want to show how ‘big’ they are. Watching a vomit fest among a group of chaps who were too eager for their mate’s bucks night. There are a variety of incidents that strippers see at work which can give them nightmares or make them regurgitate their most recent meal.

  1. They have to fend off unwanted attention and admirers all the time

If you think your persistent officemate who makes you uncomfortable but wants to make small talk at the water cooler is annoying, you can have a much more challenging situation if you work in a strip club.

Every night, you have to listen to the lamest pick-up lines and receive marriage proposals. And each time you have to politely decline or make a cute remark to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings.

And then there are the more extreme admirers, the stalkers who were able to hack your phone number, or worse, your home address. Believe it or not, there are dancers who have requested for restraining orders from their ‘doting’ clients.

  1. They have to deal with some pretty crazy, rude, and strange people

Dancing in a strip club is a profession that requires you to interact with people from all walks of life. This includes individuals with very weird fetishes, arrogant jerks who insult the performers, and patrons who make weird noises when getting a lap dance. Despite that, strippers deal with the situation accordingly, take a few breaths, gather their composure, and go on entertaining guests to make sure the party keeps going.

So, do strippers have the best job in the world?

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of rewards when you work in a strip club. But Brisbane strippers also encounter a lot of challenges in their line of work, just like in any other job. Yet, even with the potential risks that go with their chosen profession, they still work hard to make sure their customers have a great time. So, show your appreciation for their sacrifice and sweat. Respect them, treat them nicely, and of course, be a good tipper.